New Visual Solutions has many years of experience working with environmental planners and mult-disciplinary practices. Efficient workflow, production of visualisation outputs relevant to a particular stage of planning and design (proportionality) and excellent communication skills are at the heart of our company.

Consultation typically includes the following stages:

  • An initial briefing, exploring visualisation options based on current technical guidance and proportionality. Looking at past visualisation projects and current techniques.
  • Outline brief and cost estimate
  • Followed by detailed brief, detailed quote and program of delivery after more discussion

Workflow / Proportionality

Outlining the best workflow at the onset of a visualisation project is important and is connected to the expected level of detail that is proportional to the stage of planning and design. A visualisation meant for an outline planning application (a massing study showing general colour, position and scale within the surrounding landscape perhaps) will no doubt be less detailed than that meant for a landscape and visual impact assessment or final design scheme for public consultation.

We create visualisations in such a way that optimises the workflow in a flexible manner and allows other visualisation outputs to be created without starting from scratch. We ensure design data, modelling and image editing files are streamlined and in this way design changes can be accommodated and multiple types of visualisation produced if necessary. 


Communication is vital when producing visualisations as the workflow usually includes iterative changes along the way. We use preferred online file sharing platforms for secure project file transfer and for showing up to the minute outputs as visualisation outputs progress. There is always an understanding that the program of delivery may change depending on planning issues and other external factors.